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Meet our Family

  Peter & Cathy, Gabriel, Eve, Joseph, Patrick, Blaise, Anastasia, Mary-Joy & Chiara

Here's our dear friend Sister Mariana McGlynn holding one of the Lil' Bonds...

Our ministry involvement includes pro-life work, prison ministry, adult catechesis, student ministry, Eucharistic adoration, daily Mass and rosary making. Our family also runs the local non-profit Catholic radio station. We operate a gourmet honey venture to raise funds for the radio station and we have a pecan farm/business that helps fund our local Catholic High School. 

Mom is an avid runner, Gabriel keeps us praying now that he's off to college, Eve is our mini-mom, Joseph loves gardening, Patrick loves to fish, Blaise is everyone's little buddy, Anastasia is our dancer and little Mary-Joy is great at smiling through it all. Dad just likes to watch his family and soak it all in; he's also been known to enjoy a good cigar on special occasions or whenever he can go fishing or skeet shooting.


Our Catholic prayer card / holy card ministry came about by chance (better known as God's loving providence). Peter has been in the printing business for 25 years and about 14 years ago wrote his first prayer. Well you guessed it, he had a few copies printed and the demand for more increased, so more holy cards were printed and new ones written as well. What started off by leaving a handful of prayer cards in the back of the church one day has now taken off to send millions and millions of holy cards all over the world. We currently have our Catholic holy cards on six (6) continents and we have well over 500+ different designs and stock well over 2 million cards on our shelves.

We are happy to offer our holy cards & saint medals to our wholesale accounts. We distribute hundreds of thousands of our Catholic Holy Cards free of charge to the mission fields of Africa, Asia and right here in the U.S. We also supply our Catholic Prayer Cards at no charge to our soldiers overseas. The proceeds from our online orders help us cover the expenses of printing and postage. Since we can buy printing at wholesale rates, for every prayer card you order, we will be able to send many more of our stock holy cards to the missions. You will be pleased with the quality of our materials and will be blessing many more people around the globe by your purchases.

Here is a picture of Gabriel and Eve in Washington DC back in 2008 when we went to see the Holy Father.

(FYI...this is actually a cardboard cut out of His Holiness)


Thank you again for joining with our family to

"Help change the world one prayer card at a time!"

All Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Ever Virgin Mary and glorious St. Joseph, Pray for us!

The Bond Family


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