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Evangelization Prayer and Holy Cards

Be part of the New Evangelization during this Springtime of Catholicism. We have a fantastic new way to help spread the Catholic Faith.

Our new Evangelization Prayer and Holy Cards are the perfect pocket sized catechesis tool to give simple, clear and Biblical explanations and defense of commonly misunderstood Catholic teachings.

These are great to include in letters, to leave at restaurants, coffee shops, in a cab or anywhere someone may providentially pick one up.

Become a street evangelist today and get a supply of all of our popularly themed Evangelization Prayer and Holy Cards
  • Card size = 4x2.5 inches.
  • Stunning classic Catholic artwork. 
  • Printed on our super thick card stock in vibrant full color and finished with our signature high gloss coating. 
More card ideas are in development; email us with your ideas for new cards.

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